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Shared Serenity - Shower Steamer Edition

Shared Serenity - Shower Steamer Edition

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Shared Serenity - Shower Steamer Edition is a beautifully crafted gift box designed for couples and individuals alike, offering a spa-like retreat into relaxation and intimacy. It's the perfect choice for enhancing special moments or creating new, cherished memories together.

At its core, Shared Serenity features two sets of aromatherapy shower steamers and two beautifully scented candles to set the mood for relaxation. Our aromatherapy candles, Peace & Purity and Earth & Ember, are meticulously blended with fragrances and essential oils - Bluebell, Persimmon, and White Musk for Peace & Purity, and a harmonious mix of sweet orange, grapefruit, geranium, and wood scents for Earth & Ember. These candles are more than just a light; they're a pathway to relaxation, enhancing well-being through the time-honored benefits of essential oils.

Depending on your choice, elevate your bathing ritual with a pair of aromatherapy shower steamers. Each pair promises a therapeutic and aromatic shower experience. The options are:

1. Calm & Energize Shower Steamer Set: Lavender Lullaby for a calming lavender-scented shower and Revitalizing Breeze, fusing eucalyptus and lemongrass for an invigorating experience.

2. Floral Forest Fusion Shower Steamer Set: Rosy Velvet Dream blends tea rose and velvet for a luxurious shower, and Woodland Awakening, with birch and cedar for a nature-inspired aroma.

3. Elevated Calm Shower Steamer Set: Enchanted Calm with soothing jasmine, and Minty Mountains for a burst of bergamot mint freshness.

Savor the rich tapestry of flavors with two from our selection of four exquisite teas - Jasmine Green Tea, Bombay Chai, Spa Bliss, and Winter Bliss - each presented in a mini tea tube with eco-friendly sachets. These blends offer a range of flavors from the floral delicacy of jasmine to the calming properties of chamomile and lavender flowers, the spicy depth of chai, and the comforting warmth of winter spices. The pure honey, presented in a charming jar with a wooden dipper, offers a perfect drizzle of natural sweetness to complement your tea. Pair your drink with the buttery Meyer Lemon shortbread cookies for a delightful snack.

Housed in a sleek black box or a classic kraft box with matching elegant ribbons, and including a personalized greeting card, Shared Serenity elevates gifting to an art form. It's not merely a gift box but an invitation to enjoy peaceful moments and create lasting memories together.

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