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Our Origin

The Birth of a Dream

At Gift of Bliss, we believe in the magic of giving. Our journey began with the spark of one creative soul with a passion for crafting beautiful experiences and meaningful connections.

Our founder’s love for artistry stems from her innate creative character, shaped by an expansive professional background as an event coordinator, wedding planner, and the proprietor of two successful online craft stores. While her career in the corporate world of Supply Chain and Production Planning honed her organizational and strategic skills, it couldn't extinguish the passion she held for crafting unique and beautiful items.

Personalized Gift

Sparking Joy

The Pleasure of Gifting

One of her greatest pleasures has always been to create exquisitely unique gift boxes for friends and family. The joy and happiness these bespoke gifts brought to their receivers resonated deeply with her. She began to realize that many people struggle to find the perfect gift for their loved ones or simply don’t have the time to curate a personalized gift from scratch.

This observation, coupled with her passion and vision, led to the birth of Gift of Bliss. Founded on the principle of delivering love, care, and beauty to the world, Gift of Bliss is more than an online gift shop. It's a medium to help people express their affection and care through our beautifully arranged, personalized gift boxes.

Personalized Gift

Growth and Promise

Expanding Horizons

Our beginning was humble, yet filled with promise. We started as a resource for aesthetically pleasing gift sets, suitable for various occasions. With time, our range will continue to expand, driven by our founder’s ambition to offer not only a vast selection of curated products within personalized gift boxes but also fully customized gifts in the future.

Personalized Gift

The Blissful Mission

Crafting Expressions of Care

Our mission at Gift of Bliss is to help create blissful expressions of care, to bring joy not only to the recipient but also to the gift-giver. Each box we create is a tangible manifestation of love, a testament to our commitment to delivering happiness.

Join Our Journey

Let us help you transform moments into memories, emotions into expressions, and care into a blissful gifting experience. After all, the magic isn’t just in the giving, it’s in the very essence of a gift well thought of and beautifully presented – that’s the Gift of Bliss.

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